It's important when you're making positive changes in your life, that you consider improvement in multiple areas. Self development and working on your knowledge and skills in many areas can help to propel you to great success. I encourage you to indulge in reading materials that push you beyond you current abilities and help you to grow. 

This is not by any means a comprehensive list of books, but it is a list of some titles that I've enjoyed and some that are on my list to read in the near future. The books you choose are a window into your midset and the goals you are setting. This is a work of progress for everyone and everchanging. The point is to grow. Set your goals high and chase the knowledge necessary to make that happen.

You'll get so much out the pages in these books. It's important that you are pouring knowledge into yourself as you move along this path towards the better, stronger, fitter, more enlightened you.  


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