I haven't always been into health and fitness. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The truth is you sometimes have to go down some really dark roads before you decide to come out into the sunlight. Before I came to that turning point, I struggled with sticking to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, my lifestyle was anything but healthy. I drank too much, struggled with overeating and skipping meals. When I did eat, I made poor food choices. I was living a sedentary lifestyle and lacked any meaningful exercise. Walking up a flight of stairs left me winded, gasping for air. My work and life stress was incredible and it was exasperating to manage. I often felt a lack of energy to get through the day. My sleep cycle was erratic to say the least and I was the picture of an overall poor health situation. I was desperate for change, when my friend invited me to participate in a lifestyle change group that changed everything for me. That journey started Jan 6, 2015 and that's when I found the path back to my vigorous, youthful self again. By sticking to that program and giving a good effort, I was able to escape the bad habits that held me back for most of my life. I gained the youthful energy that I had been missing all of those years. I lost 60 lbs and gained 15 lbs of lean muscle and developed an active lifestyle that works for me and that's rewarding and fun. It's amazing to enjoy life so much these days after being on the other side of it for so many years. I'm excited about being free from the miserable despair that I was in and so I'm excited to be able to pay that forward through my experience. I don't have to live like that anymore and you don't either! I'm always looking for people who are ready for change and want to become more, have more and live with more freedom so that I can invite them to take a look at what I'm doing; to make up their own minds; to find out that their life can be wonderful again. When we find something great, we have to share it. A valuable experience is wasted if we keep it to ourselves. Unless we share our experience and help others, we haven't maximized our own potential for the impact that we can have for good. I'm hoping that I can make an impact on someone. To pull them up and out of the pit. If I can do that, then my story has a purpose and an even happier ending in a better future for someone else!
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