Exercise and getting active is the best way you can keep healthy and ensure that you have a great quality of life for a long time. This is one of the critical aspects of your lifestyle that will help keep you free of disease, and health maladies like heart disease, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, chronic joint pain, and on and on. Getting active now will save you so much pain and unneeded life issues dealing with the health issues that you invite into your life by not doing the strenuous exercise that will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.

This is something that I'm passionate about because I was in that place, and I can tell you that life can be awesome again! Step by step let's incorporate some daily exercise into your life and make it a fun facet of your lifestyle that is both enjoyable and beneficial. If I can go from a totally sedentary lifestyle, having health issues like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, bad cholesterol numbers, prediabetes, arthritis, joint pain, gout and 90 lb overweight to the current state of my life where I enjoy bike riding, tennis, running 5k's, basketball, weightlifting, walking, calisthenics and much more, you can too! It all starts with a step towards the right direction. Reach out to me for information, motivation, or whatever. I'm here to help you change like I've changed and we can succeed together.

A Few of My Favorite Activities


Over the course of my fitness journey I've found that I'm drawn to some activities over others, but I also like to stretch myself from time to time. My absolute favorite cardio activity is biking; Biking is easier on my knees and I've seen huge changes in my legs since I started biking and doing spin classes at the gym. If you're looking for a low impact cardio exercise that will pay huge dividends on your cardiovascular health, biking/cycling is a fantastic choice.



Walking has been my mainstay for just getting the blood flowing, feeling good, increasing those endorphins that give you the mood lift you're desperate for. And there's nothing more relaxing then just going on a long walk when the time feels right. Treadmill walks are going to be a little easier on your joints and allow you to change your speed and level with ease. What does this do? It gives you the flexibility to form your workout into intervals of varying speed/effort required to challenge yourself and make your heart stronger.


This is an old love of mine. Finding a partner that also enjoys tennis is critical to being able to enjoy this activity with regularity. I'm lucky that I found a partner that loves tennis too and can challenge me to get better too. Tennis can be a little hard on the knees and ankles if you're getting intense with it, but the rapid movement required to move to the ball quickly on the court is a great cardio workout and fun too!


Weightlifting has really been critical for me as I'm getting a little older now. Just aging can take it's toll on your body's muscle mass, but you can counteract that by working in weight lifting and resistance training to your fitness plan. Working with a qualified fitness trainer/professional is a great idea. Whatever the case, starting with light weights is really important. It's easy to injure yourself lifting weights, especially if you're not used to the activity and begin a new program, so make sure you consult your doctor and work with a trainer to lessen your risk of injury. You want to get fit, not hurt! :)


I was a big basketball fan in my teens and that translated out on the courts around the neighborhood and at the local recreation centers. My 7-8th grade coach Mr, Jacquart gave me a love of basketball then and it continues today. I still love getting out and shooting some hoops and running up and down the court a bit. There's nothing better for an all-body workout than running the basketball court and playing this game. It's fun, challenging and nostalgic all at the same time.

I post a lot of what I'm doing in my fitness life on my facebook page, so check that out. Lot's of pictures and motivation and information over there as well.

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